Giveaway #1: 50$ Digital Ocean + 10 MP3 Converter Android App LifeTime License

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In collaboration with, we're hosting our first Giveaway.  Here's your chance to win a 50$ Digital Ocean Coupon and 10 MP3 Converter App Licenses.

Before getting into the details on How to Participate the Giveaway, Let's check what you'll benefit from this Giveaway

We'll be selecting 10 winners from the participants, and the 10 winners will get Life Time License to MP3 Converter Android App by CometDocs.

App Description :

Convert your music and videos to MP3, and MP3 files to various formats, right on your Android mobile, iPhone or iPad. Conversions are very fast and quality is preserved. The best thing with this app is it doesn't requires high Amount of RAM and CPU Utilization nor it will drain your battery.

Download Links : 

App Store    : MP3 Converter

The 10 winners of the Giveaway will be given a number from 1 to 10 in a sequential manner, and from the 10 people, one lucky winner will be selected using

The 1 lucky winner will be awarded a 50$ Digital Ocean Coupon. You can redeem the coupon in your Digital Ocean account and get started with Cloud Hosting.

Note: The coupon can only be redeemed with newly created Digital Ocean Account
50$ Digital Ocean Coupon + 9 MP3 Converter Android App LifeTime Licenses

Download MP3 Songs From YouTube Videos Without Converting

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Downloading YouTube videos now a day Pretty easier to us. There are plenty of Third Party apps available that allows us to download videos from YouTube. But Personally, I Like SnapTube App. We can easily download videos from various social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and many more...It has simple UI and Awesome Features. The user interface of this app is pretty good compare to Tubemate, Vidmate and all. The best feature with SnapTube is we can also encode audio from YouTube videos and Create an MP3 of the video.

Is SnapTube available in Google Play  ? 

SnapTube is not on Google Play due to Google’s Policy which prohibits YouTube downloading apps for copyright concern. You can download SnapTube from it's official website. It is 100% safe and Virus free verified by CM Security, McAfee and Lookout Security. SnapTube has 40+ Million downloads on Android.

How to Install SnapTube Application :

Download SnapTube Apk from its official website. If your browser pops up a window, click on OK; if there’s no popup, the download will start automatically. Now run the downloaded Apk file in your Android Mobile. After Successfully installation, Open the app and the home screen will show you all supported social media sites. You can easily find out list of Supported sites in below screenshot.

Download Link :  SnapTube Apk
The actual procedure starts now, you can select any of the above supported social media sites. Here I chosen YouTube to download audio songs directly without any external converter. You can search videos in the search bar, or navigate to YouTube tab and search for the video that you would like to download, when you find the video, go to the detail page. Click the download button on the lower right side, choose a resolution, download will then start. If you chose option Download Videos as Music it will show you audio Format bit rate and Size of the audio file just select it,Now The AUDIO file of YouTube video downloaded directly, and automatically converted to mp3 format.

To download videos from other social media sites,first login your social media account in SnapTube, when there’s a video on your timeline/ group/ page, you’ll see a white download button on the up left corner of the video, click it to download.

Pros :

👍You can set a number for Max simultaneous download tasks
👍 Option to choose where you want to store downloaded files
👍Inbuilt Music and Video player.

Cons :

👎 SnapTube available for Android only.
👎Sharing files to WhatsApp and Facebook is not supported.

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How to convert exe to apk File

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Now you can easily convert exe file to Apk file using free software. EXEtoAPKConverter Tool is a free software that helps us to convert Exe file to APK File Format. Before going to know about this software first off all know about what is apk and exe File.

APK : 

.APK is an extension for Android Application Package. Each Android application is compiled and packaged in a single file that includes all of the application's code. In android environment if you want to install an application, we need an APK file.

In depth, a java file should have an extension “.java” it is also known as Source file. whenever we compile this “.java” file using compiler, it converts the java statements into Byte code and it is intermediate language. The Byte codes are saved with “. Class” and it is also known as Executable File. When we compile this  .Class file and some other .Class files we can generate .Dex (Dalvik Executable) files.

Dalvik Executable :

Dalvik is a virtual machine that runs applications and code written in Java. A tool called dx is used to convert Java .class files into the .dex format.The dx tool takes all the class files of your application and generates a single .dex file. It is a platform-specific tool.
The .dex files are not ready to deploy so again these .dex files are re-processed along with AndroidManifest.xml and other media resources to generate .apk file.Here we use A tool called aapt(Android Asset Packaging Tool) which is used to convert .dex files into the .apk file format.This tool is part of the SDK (and build system) and allows you to view, create, and update Zip-compatible archives (zip, jar, apk)

.APK File Structure

mostly android users came across the .APK file before the official launch or release of android application.For better understanding recently google released GBoard for Android Mobiles and it's an upgrade version of Google keyboard.the new GBoard allows you search and send information, GIFs, emojis and more, right from your keyboard.Google officially released this GBoard on Dec 16th but before the Update roll out we have got the new version in the .APK Format.

05_12 - Gboard.gif

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EXE : .exe is a file extension for Executable file. If you are a windows pc user, you will come across .exe file which is used to install windows applications. Executable files support only for DOS and Windows Operating System Applications. You can’t open these files in another operating system.
oh that's all about what is .apk and .exe hope you understand.

How to Convert exe to apk :

converting .exe file format to .apk format is not at all easy.But CMS EXE to APK Converter Tool which helps us to achieve this in quick time with simple process.

Step 1 : Download  CMS EXE to APK Converter Tool 

Step 2 : Choose I have a portable application after that click next.

Step 3 : When the installation finished open the software and Now select the EXE file that you want to convert. It will take some time to load the files.

Step 4: After uploading the file click on "CONVERT" button.

Step 5 : Now the conversion process will take a moment to complete this process have some patience.don't do anything.

Step 6 : After successful completion of the process you will get confirmation message.

yeah finally the process completed.Now you can install Windows applications on Android Mobiles.Enjoy using windows applications on android devices.
Note! If you download an application from another source, it may not work properly. When you download the Application from it recives the ID to securely connect to CMS servers (to download the libraries).
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